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The True Church Speaks the Truth

God intended for His church to be salt and light in every nation where it found itself. Never was it promised that all men in a nation would turn to Christ, but the church living out the life of Christ would so permeate the culture with its ways that a certain level of morality and peace and therefore God’s prosperity would surface.

In other words, “Blessed is the nation whose God is Jehovah (Psalm 33:12).” And God promises to heal the land of those who repent. Seeing our nation as it is today causes us to conclude that the church has stopped being that salt, that light.

Here is John Macarthur, in a December 2020, letter to his supporters:

“As all discerning Christians know, our nation has reached a point of godlessness and immorality that appears beyond remedy. There is a feeling among true believers that the cultural Christianity and morality that our nation has tried to hold onto has been replaced by blatant sin and deception. It is common to meet faithful Christians who fear for the future that their children and grandchildren will face. It is almost a sense of dread.

“At the same time, this freefall into unrighteousness is dragging many churches and religious organizations with it as they attempt to court the world and the culture. It has been popular for churches to connect to the world in an ill-conceived attempt to reach non-Christians only to find that the world may like your style but hate the truth.”

There are many outside the Roman church who will proudly keep their distance from that organization, but with less and less reason. That is, they have no clue any longer what the reason is. They think of themselves as the “true” church, and some of them are.

But some are as false as Rome. Consider the “oops! I missed it!” crowd:

Take the “prophets” of our day. How many of them told you in the name of God that Donald Trump would win the election and serve a second term? Where are they now? Let me give you some of their names so you will be sure to avoid them, especially when your checkbook is out.

And let us be like Jeremiah, the true prophet, in the midst of all this chicanery. Babylon is falling, he said. The nation has sinned against God and deserves its punishment.

In like manner, America has bowed to the abortion industry. The sexual perversion industry. Crime of all sort. The destruction of the family. Violence. Her judgment is just.

Trump was not defeated by Biden. That is laughable for those who have investigated! He was defeated by the evil that festers in our nation. And in our church. But listen to the “great” prophetic voices among us, like Pat Robertson, Denise Goulet, Kat Kerr, Greg Lock, Mark Taylor, Taribo West, Kevin Zadai, Marcus Rogers, Paula White, Kris Vallotton, Curt Landry, Jeremiah Johnson, Shawn Bolz. All of them claimed Mr. Trump would win a second term. All of them need to be ignored in the future. For examples,

On 10-21-2020, the very well-known and somewhat respected head of CBN and Regents College Pat Robertson predicted a certain win for the President, to be followed by s series of upsetting riots and chaos in the country.

But on 12-22-20, the charismatic leader who himself ran for President, was quoted as saying that Mr. Trump should “move on.” Forget it. Ain’t gonna happen. Words to that effect.

Not the first time he has called it wrong. USA Today reports

“In 1976, he predicted the world would end in 1982. And in his 1990 book, The New Millennium, he said the world would be destroyed on April 29, 2007.”

If false prophecies make false prophets, well…

Then there’s offbeat ones like the pink-haired Katt Kerr of Jacksonville, Fla. Back in 2018, she said that not only would Trump have two terms, but so would Vice President Mike Pence when he will run for president, as will Pence’s running mate. “For 24 years,” she said, “we will have God in that White House.” (From

I don’t need to believe “Kat” any further, and neither do you. And when you check out her teachings, you want to keep on running from her falsity:

The following is from

As with the psychics and mediums of spiritism, she [“Kat”] also ‘visits’ deceased loved ones, in order to bring back reports to the bereaved on their status. Always she reports that the departed are safe in heaven, much to the bereaved’s comfort. In one instance, according to her testimony, a person who had lost a loved one was surprised to hear of the deceased person being in heaven at all!

She reports that every human being has at least one guardian angel from the moment of conception. These angels go with believers along the road of life and at death accompany them all the way to heaven. Sometimes, however, Jesus personally does the work of escorting to heaven, at least for those who have been especially faithful.

She has “learned” that, if a person does bad things while on earth, the guardian angel is owed an apology upon arrival in heaven!

Is it possible that Trump’s demise was brought about to expose these prophetic nightmares, yes, even the ones given by a person that became close to the President? Trump’s personal spiritual advisor Paula White was very convinced this second term was going to happen, yet was holding daily prayer meetings just to be sure.

Something to ponder there. If God has made a statement that something is going to happen, isn’t it settled whether I pray or not? Evidently not. The “unplugged” site quoted above tells us she “called for angels to come from Africa and South America to help President Trump win the 2020 election.”

And reports that White sealed the deal with this utterance in “tongues”…

“Tika hatta onda ora batta ronda aka aka ora manda rasa ta, etc.,” while promoting Trump.

Please do not bother looking up Paula’s “speaking in tongues” prophesy on your Google translator. I’ve never seen nor heard a language, ancient or modern, composed almost exclusively of two syllable words.

Kris Vallotton, “prophet” at Bill Johnson’s Bethel Church of Redding California, was in for the second term. Trump will win. But when the votes didn’t come in for Trump in November, Kris begged forgiveness:

“I take full responsibility for being wrong. There was no excuse for it. I think it doesn’t make me a false prophet, but it does actually create a credibility gap. A lot of people trust me; trust my ministry. I want to say I am very sorry to everyone who put their trust in me. There was this major, major mistake.

“I want to say I’m sorry and I want to look into the reasons why there was a disconnection there in what I heard. I have always believed that when you make a public declaration; that if you get it wrong, you have to make a public apology.”

I disagree with Kris in one point. I think men who speak in the name of the Lord a false prophecy, are false prophets. Period.

Kris took down his apology soon after he posted it… thinking maybe he was right after all? He wasn’t. He said on Instagram, essentially, if Trump wins, I’ll rejoice that my word was correct. If not, we move on [my words].

So, when you hear “prophets” of today telling fortunes, predicting the future, you know there’s a 50-50 chance that their “prophecy” is correct. Or incorrect. Same odds you and I have. But not of God, either way. A fortune teller will get it right often, but have no connection to God at all!

And then there’s Jeremiah Johnson, a serious charismatic in Lakeland, Florida. Got it wrong. But defending himself immediately:

“I don’t believe that if you miss a prophecy [it] makes you a false prophet.”

Interpreted that means, keep the offerings coming. Don’t desert me now. (From

And Charlie Shamp. I can do no better than quote that “unplugged” site again:

Charlie Shamp, 38, a North Carolina evangelist who – unusual even for this movement – has affixed the title of “Prophet” before his name. Interviewed on November 10, he said his fellow prophets had called the election correctly despite what the headlines say.

“When you have tested prophets that have got numerous prophetic words over the years correct, you begin to question the narrative that is presented to us and stop questioning whether the prophets got it right or not,” he said. “When we have the church believing the media more than the prophets, there needs to be a discernment coming back to the body of Christ after four years of lies from the media.”

Shamp has prophesied that a sudden turnaround will happen in Pennsylvania, and told [interviewer] Schultz that God will post a double rainbow around the White House as a sign. Without mentioning names, he took a shot at some prophets who had backed down from their predictions of a Trump victory.

“Those who do not have a spirit of discernment, they are backing down but we’re not backing down,” he said. Noting that he had predicted two years ago that a “red tide” would sweep the 2018 elections (it didn’t), he excused his mistake by saying God had intended for that to happen, but “something not right in the American election system” had stymied the divine will. At the time, Shamp apologized for his mistake.

“I took a hit for that and I said, you know what – I am going to bow down,” he remembered. “But I do not bow down anymore. There were too many inconsistencies that happened on Tuesday; too many things that, if you have eyes to see and ears to hear, church, you know that something was not right.”

Hey, no honest person is saying that Trump did not win. Or that there was no cheating. But you said some specific things that never happened, Shamp. And Trump is not President, here in January. You are a false prophet, sir. Step down and admit it.

When Biden was inaugurated on that awful day in late January, the prophets spiritualized their prophecies, reworking them so as to come out smelling like the roses they are not. Shamp was already blaming believers:

“The justice scale is resting in the center, the heart of the nation,” said Shamp. “It’s either going to go one way or the other way. The only deciding factor that is going to change this moment in history is the church. The church has to rise take hold of the prophetic word, decree it and do not let go of it.”

Interpreted: My prophecy was not wrong. It’s your prayer life that stinks!

But it’s not the first time Shamp has been off. Way off. The Heterodox Research Initiative reported this failed Shamp prophecy of a few years back:

Today while I’m praying I was taken to Maine, the State located on the East Coast of America where I was shown a massive amount of fish and lobster caught in fishing nets. I heard the Lord say, “Maine, oh Maine, you will break all records in the fishing industry this year.” For the Lord says, “You shall be a sign to the nation that abundance and blessing are returning to America. The working men and women of America will partake and touch luxury and wealth where they never have before. Where they felt for years that they could never catch a break the Lord says, this will be a time of abundant blessing and prosperity for my people.” The Lord said to me again, “Watch the fishing industry of Maine for it will be the sign!” -Charlie

Maine did not break all records that year, and actually showed decline.

Then there was that hurricane that Shamp said was a backlash to the Kavanaugh episode. From the same research:

“Prophet Charlie Shamp gave a prophecy that Hurricane Michael [2018] would be silenced. It was apparently silenced down to a CAT 4 with 155mph winds at landfall, causing much damage and life lost. Shamp engaged in some prophetic chest thumping, indicating major world leaders should come to him for insight into the future. Based on the definition of silenced, I suggest world leaders refrain from going to him.

Silenced, for the record, means compelled to silence. Suppressed. A hurricane that kills and damages is not a silenced hurricane. Shamp was wrong. Dead wrong.

Dabbling in prophetic politics, Shamp prophesied that in the November 2018 midterm, conservatives would carry House and Senate. Republicans would hold the House, and gain nine seats in the Senate! From the same source as above:

“Charlie Shamp’s prophetic word about the 2018 midterm election was going just fine until it was hacked and meddled with by reality. Shamp and most of his supporters will flippantly shrug their shoulders at using God’s name in vain and speaking falsely in his name, and move to the next ‘prophetic’ word.”

The Republicans lost the House. Gained two Senate seats. Not even close, Charlie. No one needs to fear or follow you. You are a totally false prophet. And don’t use the “prophesying in part” argument of 1 Corinthians 13:

“Prophesying in part, and knowing in part doesn’t mean God won’t communicate clearly when he gives a word. That didn’t mean God communicated incompletely when he gave a revelation, it meant sometime in the future we would have full revelation on all things.”

Enough of Charlie Sham Shamp. There are others…

Like Shawn Bolz and his “feeling” prophecies.

“I felt like Trump was going to be president twice and that he would have an encounter in his second term, more of an encounter for God and who he is and for his family,” Bolz said. “There’s going to be more boldness in the second term and it’s going to be disruptive, but I think it’s helpful because there’s so many systems in place that are old and tired, and need to be knocked down.”(

Not only that, he said in March 2020, when the virus was just taking hold, that it would lose its hold within a couple weeks or a couple months. I write about this miserably failed prophecy here in January 2021, as serious spikes still are occurring all over the country.

The prophets stick together. And go down together. Write them all off. Open your Bible and read God’s prophecies. Some have already come to pass. All will eventually!

It will be hard to trust any public pronouncements after the flood of falseness we have endured… not just from the politicians, the media, the pollsters, but our own people… if they really are our own:

“All the prophets are still saying that Donald Trump is going to win, that God spoke long before this election,” Stephen Strang – the founder of Charisma magazine – tells his podcast The Strang Report in a mid-November episode “We are not to listen to negative reporting.”

Jeremiah Johnson told his YouTube channel:

“As someone who is in touch with all the prophets in America, who have prophesied that Donald Trump would win a second term, they are not giving an inch. They are not willing to budge. They are not willing to repent. All of us are unanimous, believing the word God spoke to us that Trump indeed would win a re-election. And that what’s happening right now, the false prophets of the media literally cutting themselves, they are dancing in the street, they are shouting.” (From

How many of these “prophets” saw the coming of the COVID-19 crisis? The breaching of the Capitol building? A woman shot and killed in the Capitol? A stolen election?

I won’t have to list those prophets. There are none. Prophecy in this confused age is guess-work, and comes from within the human spirit. And that’s the nice way to say it.

Why spend so much time speaking of false prophets? Well, isn’t it true, as one of them said in our day, that the existence of false prophets implies the existence of true ones? Yes, indeed. There are true prophets. And in a later section we will highlight their prophecies of a coming reset after all the human efforts are finally spent.

These “prophets” of our day often ignore true prophecy. Prophecy about themselves, for example. Horrible promises as in 2 Peter and Jude, of their future.

They will, as Rome did, point people away from the Word of God, and to themselves. It’s so much easier to listen to someone’s dream, after all, than to buckle down and start searching the Scriptures, prophecies by true men of God.

The Bible is just so hard, they will tell you. Too many facts. Too many details. Too many rules. These are the folks that know all the baseball scores, and all the modern songs of our day, every word. If you let them, they will recite or sing their knowledge flawlessly. But the Scriptures, well…

Truth. What is truth, after all? It is Jesus. Be filled with Jesus, and lies leave.

Look for Bob Faulkner’s creations on All of these works are now in book form available at Amazon. Go to to look at all these books.

Bob is a man found of God over 65 years ago, called to the ministry, now retired from school teaching, and serving the Lord in the local church and as a website and Zoom group host.


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