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An interesting marriage procedure in Indian Society( sharing my own experience)

I am 29 years old indian girl,I live in a small town of Maharashtra state (one of the Indian 29 state).I live with my parents,yes you read that right and it is common to live with parents here even when you have crossed 18 years of your age,I have 2 siblings one of which is married,and my younger brother and I are not married yet.Actually I am not good in English nor even better,but still trying to connect my feelings to you with this blog post.

Let’s jump into the main topic. It is considered that a girl who cross her 20s ,should be get married as soon as possible.There are lot of reasons that why I did not get married yet.generally procedure of being involved in marriage topic is quite complicated or even more worsen than that as it’s a herculean task.

How your parents will choose a guy for you

even though I have never been interested in this matter but each and every girl will have to succumb to this culture, I am going to tell you that how your family select a guy who will be of their choice. So firstly my parents will spread the news that our daughter is enough elder to get married soon, and if you find a suitable boy then let them know (by their relatives).And when someone tell them about a guy, my parents will invite him and his parents to visit our home and see our daughter. After their arrival I will have to wear saree( an India famous attire) and will have to offer them a tea one by one, and while offering this the boy and his parents will see me very closely and in this way they will decide if I am good enough for them or not

Fortunately they will ask me my consent

Fortunately they will ask me my consent. why Iam using ‘fortunately’ because it is very hard to be asked by your parents of your consent about your marriage, because they usually do not prefer to ask a girl her opinion over this topic, their mindset say that if we( our parents) have selected a boy then he must be right for her.

Girls who lives in foreign countries like England, America,I mean to say from developed country do not face such problems that usually comes in our way,i never been regret of being born in india,but the culture which is taking our freedom away from us I condemn that,

I fed up of this,but still happy because my parents understanding the value of my freedom, They have always given me hope,they always inspired me to take my own decisions, and they never forced me to get married to the unknown guy, today my elder sister and I had a argument over this topic, meanwhile I cried a lot,but somehow I convinced myself to be hopeful and optimistic

Always be positive one

You can not escape from the burdens and circumstances of your life,but you can possess a unique and positive attitude towards it,you can change your way to see it,Understand the various aspects of life and always move forward with a positive attitude

Sorry readers if I do any mistakes here,I am not perfect in English as I have told you earlier. Just understand the hidden meaning rather than words😊🌹


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