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Unconditional love of Mother,A Heart Touching Story.

There was a small village.Very few people lived in that village.There was a special thing about that village, that people lived together with brotherhood.There lived a family in that village, where there was a mother and her son. The woman lost her husband 10 years ago when her son was only 5 years old

The woman used to work in the fields of others and earn money to educate her son,so that she could give a good life to her son.His son also loved her very much, and he knew very well that his mother used to suffer a lot for him.When he got up in the morning and went to play football, after playing he would do the work of distributing newspapers to every house.But he could never tell this to his mother because he loved his mother very much, and could never see her sad

And suddenly one day the boy had an accident, a school bus hit him and went away. The boy was immediately taken to the hospital by one of the villager’s.When his mother came to know about this, she cried and went to the hospital to see her son.

She talked to the Doctors,They told her that her son got serious injury on his heart and so he should be got transplant as soon as possible,if not he will die.

His mother left a note for him where she wrote she is going to the city to arrange the sufficient money for his treatment,after arrange the money she promised him that she will come back to see him,several days passed but his mother didn’t come back. He enquired everywhere even he asked each and every villagers,but one day he got fed off this and ended up his search for his mother

It’s been 15 years since he lost his mother,but now that boy has grown up and happily married to a beautiful girl,and he has a boy who is 4 yo.He is very happy in his life ,but still he miss his mother everyday and just hoping that one-day his mother will come back to meet him,and he would hugs his mother and will tell her that how hard it was to live without her even when he has happy family ,because he knows the value of unconditional love that he got from his mother.

And again an unfortunate incident happened in his life,his 4 yo son hit by a bus while playing on the road,the child was immediately rushed to the hospital,this was the same hospital where he was admitted before 15 years ago. That all reminded him of what had happened in the past.He suddenly cried and his mother’s face came into his mind,he screemed and said,’where are you mother’

And at the same time he got an attention one of the doctors.This doctor asked him about his agony. He told him everything what had happened before 25 years ago.The doctor replied that you might be feel happy or not but your mother is still with you. That boy got confused and asked the doctor to explain him everything.But doctor told him to be strong, Because the heart that beats inside you is not yours but your mother’s. Doctor told him that ‘do you remember your mother had left a note for you where she mentioned about her leaving this village,Actually she never left this village but she left this world just because she wanted to give you a new life,she sacrificed her life for your and kept herself alive inside of you.and lastly he said,your mother is immortal.

After that whenever he misses his mother he would keep his hand on his heart


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