Stress Less With Yoga Nidra

Stress is a very serious challenge that people try to deal with everyday. In fact, it always has its own way of manifesting itself into our body, even when we try to ignore it. A lot of people complain that they experience physical symptoms caused by stress and almost all of them constantly experience psychological disorders like anxiety. However, with money and career coming into play as the main cause of stress, it is imperative in the world today to learn how to manage it.

Yoga has the answer. In fact, a calming as well as relaxation practice such as yoga nidra, which is also known as “yogic sleep,” is very effective for managing the condition. It has the capacity to activate our parasympathetic nervous system to go into a state of ultimate relaxation. When we practice yoga nidra, we can also have access to the realm of awareness of consciousness that exists between waking and sleeping, combining an alert awareness of the mind with total relaxation of the body. However, it is also a practice where science and the spirit meet. They both work together to help us relief the tension and stress that can keep us up at night, while also helping to improve the quality of sleep that we usually have.

Rest well and overcome anxiety with this yoga nidra

However, we have three levels of consciousness, which are walking, dreaming and deep sleep, The fourth is known as the transcendent state which is also known as Turiya. Many people hold a different view about yoga nidra but the fact remains that it is conscious deep sleep, which was taught by the ancient sages. The main purpose of teaching it was to explore the deep impressions or samskaras, which drives our actions or karma.

Another reason why the yoga nidra was taught is for sincere seekers to purify the deep aspect of the mind-field, which is accessed in the formless state of conscious deep sleep.

The truth about practicing yoga is consistency. In fact, for anyone to fully benefit from yoga practice, he or she has to be consistent with the practice. Another very important advice for newbies is to get attached to a yoga teacher who has the experience who can put you through. However, it is a nice idea to watch yoga DVDs and other materials but it is also necessary to be guided by a yoga teacher first, before progressing with that.

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4 thoughts on “Stress Less With Yoga Nidra

  1. I think this is where I go wrong. I start practising yoga for a few weeks and then life gets in the way am I stop. I never feel the full benefit. I must look into getting a teacher & be more consistent! Thank you

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    1. It’s just matter of one’s mindset,why don’t you think that you can be ur own teacher,yes u can,but for that you just need be passionate abt the thing u really want, don’t give ur own responsibility to other person,just do it by urself, beleive me….u can blast

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