6 Mistakes You Are Most Likely Making When Taking The Paleo Diet

While the Paleo diet is a great diet, there are some people who don’t get the results that they expect. Here are some of the reasons why these people fail on the diet: Taking Plenty of Nuts Although, nuts provide you with a lot of calories and fiber, you should avoid taking plenty of themContinue reading “6 Mistakes You Are Most Likely Making When Taking The Paleo Diet”

4 Ways to Boost Your Natural Testosterone Levels

When it comes to hormones, testosterone is considered the king hormone. In males, testosterone is produced mainly in the testicles. In women, testosterone is produced in the ovaries although in much smaller amounts. Testosterone production in the body begins significantly increasing in the late teens and starts to decline after the age of 30. TestosteroneContinue reading “4 Ways to Boost Your Natural Testosterone Levels”

5 Yoga Mistakes You Should Avoid Making

Yoga not only keeps you fit, it’s also of great importance to your mental well being. Studies show that many beginners make plenty of mistakes that jeopardize their success in yoga. These mistakes include: Joining the wrong yoga class Just as there are poor schools, hospitals, and other institutions, there are poor yoga classes. YouContinue reading “5 Yoga Mistakes You Should Avoid Making”

Why Once in a While Everyone Needs a Spa

Everyone needs a little break from their busy life, don’t they? And what else will be a great idea to pamper yourself by giving a spa treat for your body. Every salon provides the variety of spa-treatments according to your requirement. Most people visit spa centers just to de-stress themselves and rest. These centers provideContinue reading “Why Once in a While Everyone Needs a Spa”

5 Reasons To Do Your Yoga Teacher Training In India

Today, health and fitness has taken on several shades of meaning. For some it’s a matter of eating right, for others it’s closely tied to regular exercise. There’s another section of the demographic that relies on alternative branches such as naturopathy, acupuncture, acupressure and yoga to fight ailments and keep diseases at bay. Yoga hasContinue reading “5 Reasons To Do Your Yoga Teacher Training In India”

Where to Find Bracelets That Will Improve Your Balance

Copper has been used for construction since prehistoric times, even before recorded history. Ancient civilizations even utilized the compounds in metals such as copper, zinc and manganese in their medicines and treatments. And as it turns out, copper has a wide range of health benefits! Copper is an essential micro nutrient that has numerous health,Continue reading “Where to Find Bracelets That Will Improve Your Balance”

How to Find the Right Yoga Style for You

What has now become a popular fitness regime originated 5,000 years ago in India. The ancient people of that region followed this practice to prepare their mind and body for meditation. As yoga helps a person with their body and their thoughts, it was a wholeness of this traditional method that led to its recognitionContinue reading “How to Find the Right Yoga Style for You”

10 Foods to Eat to Lower Your Cholesterol

Cholesterol is an important fat-like substance used to create hormones (such as vitamin D), build healthy cells, and digest your food. The cholesterol your body uses can come from two different sources: your own body or the food you eat. Dietary cholesterol, meaning the cholesterol from food, is only found in animal-based products (i.e. meat,Continue reading “10 Foods to Eat to Lower Your Cholesterol”

Working Out At Home – How to Maximize Muscle-Building Results From Your Home Workouts!

One of the most-asked questions in the bodybuilding world is how to achieve better results faster when it comes to building muscle. The most common response is that it takes time and patience, but there are some ways to build more muscle fast – or at least faster. Naturally shortening time between sets, adding moreContinue reading “Working Out At Home – How to Maximize Muscle-Building Results From Your Home Workouts!”

Homemade Remedies for Asthma Treatment

Asthma, a very commonly seen lung disease, is characterized by the difficulty that the person feels during breathing. There are two types of asthma problem either acute or chronic. Asthma attack occurs when there is any obstruction in the passage of airflow in the lungs. An attack of asthma can be very serious for youContinue reading “Homemade Remedies for Asthma Treatment”

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