5 Easy Homemade Solutions for Effective Anti-Ageing

You inevitably feel fascinated with young-looking skin. Wrinkles, fine lines, crow’s feet, dark spots and laugh lines can all spoil the looks quite a bit. Any woman dreads the sight of these things in the mirror. And while it is true that nobody can run away from ageing, it can, in fact, be delayed withContinue reading “5 Easy Homemade Solutions for Effective Anti-Ageing”

How To Cope With Your Acne Condition On A Personal Level

Acne is a dreadful problem for many people. It can ruin your appearance on the outside, and it can also ruin your self-confidence on the inside. Dealing with acne on a regular basis might affect how you view your life and your perspective about others. You might start thinking that your life is not worthContinue reading “How To Cope With Your Acne Condition On A Personal Level”

How Organic Castor Oil Enhances Your Eyelashes?

Organic Castor Oil has amazing benefits due to which it has been used for centuries by folk healers. This oil is very useful for skin and hair. The ingredients present in this oil is responsible for its marvelous properties. This oil is used for the treatment of many skin and hair problems. Other than skinContinue reading “How Organic Castor Oil Enhances Your Eyelashes?”

5 Reasons To Do Your Yoga Teacher Training In India

Today, health and fitness has taken on several shades of meaning. For some it’s a matter of eating right, for others it’s closely tied to regular exercise. There’s another section of the demographic that relies on alternative branches such as naturopathy, acupuncture, acupressure and yoga to fight ailments and keep diseases at bay. Yoga hasContinue reading “5 Reasons To Do Your Yoga Teacher Training In India”

Where to Find Bracelets That Will Improve Your Balance

Copper has been used for construction since prehistoric times, even before recorded history. Ancient civilizations even utilized the compounds in metals such as copper, zinc and manganese in their medicines and treatments. And as it turns out, copper has a wide range of health benefits! Copper is an essential micro nutrient that has numerous health,Continue reading “Where to Find Bracelets That Will Improve Your Balance”

Jnana Mudra – The Gesture of Consciousness & Knowledge

The most common yogic mudra used in meditation is Jnana Mudra or Gyan Mudra. Jnana is the Sanskrit word which means knowledge. Touch the tip of Index to the root of Thumb and turn the palm towards the root chakra. Leave the wrist freely on the knees for the easy adaptation of this mudra. ProgressContinue reading “Jnana Mudra – The Gesture of Consciousness & Knowledge”

Why Acupuncture Is Necessary When Faced With Infertility

1.What are the benefits of fertility-acupuncture? a. Acupuncture strongly and effectively stimulates blood flow to the uterus and the ovaries. The uterus benefits because it has more nutrient products delivered which can either thicken it and/or make it more amenable to implantation of an embryo. Poor uterine quality is often the culprit for ‘implantation-failure’. TheContinue reading “Why Acupuncture Is Necessary When Faced With Infertility”

Coconut Water Energy Drink – Revitalize Yourself With the Goodness of Vitamins

Energy drinks are known to give you the boost you need to remain active, alert, awake, and energetic during the most critical times, but they are not exactly the healthiest thirst quenchers. However, there is already such as thing as coconut water energy drink for times when you want to revitalize yourself with a healthyContinue reading “Coconut Water Energy Drink – Revitalize Yourself With the Goodness of Vitamins”

Your Tattoo Aftercare Can Kill You

Let’s talk about ink for a minute…Tattoos are expensive and rather permanent. That is unless you want to pay for 5-10 laser tattoo removal sessions at about $150 per session, which many people have come to me to do. If you’d like to keep your ink in your skin and have that tattoo blazing forContinue reading “Your Tattoo Aftercare Can Kill You”

Magical effects of Using Vitamin C on Your Face?

Why Should You Use Vitamin C On Your face?, There are some useful vitamins, but the one named “C” offers up the greatest benefits to the body and arguably takes the crown up. The nutrient can also help to transform the appearance of your skin and not just your inside of the body that isContinue reading “Magical effects of Using Vitamin C on Your Face?”

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