Are Homemade Cookies Addictive?

Some people say we are living in the “new normal.” I’m not sure exactly what they mean, and I don’t have the time to ask, nor the desire. If the “new normal” is what I have been experiencing in the parsonage for the last several months, I’m all for it. Let it continue. Everybody shouldContinue reading “Are Homemade Cookies Addictive?”

How to Avoid Becoming a Fitness Failure

When it comes to fitness, no one likes being a failure, yet more than halfof new exercisers quit their program within the first six months. With alittle help you can ensure you’re not one of them. Give these ideas a tryas you begin your exercise program for the new year. Set goals If you don’tContinue reading “How to Avoid Becoming a Fitness Failure”

Homemade Bodybuilding Recipes Tips

When you decide that you will become a bodybuilder with such great figure you are committed to mind about your diet. This includes the commitment to take tasteless soy or whey protein powders. No doubt that you will be bored at certain point you run your regime. But if you have big passion on itContinue reading “Homemade Bodybuilding Recipes Tips”

Do You Need A Non-Toxic Mattress?

What Is A Non-Toxic Mattress? Organic Mattress, Chemical-Free Mattress, whatever you prefer to call them. Are initially all the same when it comes to a non-toxic mattress. Which means that they are made without all those toxic chemicals and of natural products – you see… nature has its own way of taking care of things.Continue reading “Do You Need A Non-Toxic Mattress?”

Foods That Can Literally Make You Happy

Most people would agree that food makes them happy – but did you know there’s actual science behind it? Some foods can truly boost your mood, and I want to share a few of those with you. It’s important to note that our gut is our second brain so when we take care of itContinue reading “Foods That Can Literally Make You Happy”

Plz Stay Away From Anxiety – Types, Causes, And Treatment

It is not necessary that everything goes according to you, sometimes you have to deal with compromise,but you can make even better your each an every moment We have all felt anxious at some time, whether we call it feeling uneasy, on edge or uptight. It is perfectly natural to feel anxious and, in fact,Continue reading “Plz Stay Away From Anxiety – Types, Causes, And Treatment”

Please Don’t Skip Your Breakfast – Reasons For Eating Breakfast

The health benefits of eating breakfast extend throughout your day, making it the most important meal of the day. Consuming a good, hearty breakfast is like priming a pump, to help your body get ready for a full day’s worth of activity. Not only does the first meal of the day heat up your metabolismContinue reading “Please Don’t Skip Your Breakfast – Reasons For Eating Breakfast”

3 Reasons to Stop Eating Sugar

We are used to believe that sugar is life. For many of us, letting go of sweets constitutes true heresy. We believe that the worst thing about diabetes is you can’t have sweets. Couple of years ago, I couldn’t imagine letting go of sugar. It was everything for me! My whole world revolved around itsContinue reading “3 Reasons to Stop Eating Sugar”

5 Surprisingly Simple Ways You Can Burn Extra Calories From Home

You don’t have to go to the gym, or even outdoors, to burn calories. As a matter of fact, you can burn all the calories you want right from the comfort of your home. With that being said, here are 5 surprisingly simple ways you can burn calories from home. Get Active as Soon asContinue reading “5 Surprisingly Simple Ways You Can Burn Extra Calories From Home”

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