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Possible And Proven Benefits Of Cashew Nuts

Don’t you just love the crunchy and scrumptious taste of cashew nuts? For sure you do – right? Do you know their daily consumption can heal a number of health problems? Yes, you heard that right; cashew nuts are loaded with antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and other nutrients that are essential for the smooth functioning ofContinue reading “Possible And Proven Benefits Of Cashew Nuts”

Emotionally Shutdown: Is Childhood Trauma The Reason Why Someone Is Emotionally Shutdown?

Although human beings are emotional beings, it wouldn’t be right to say that every human being on the planet comes across as one. There are those who are in tune with how they feel and there are those who are typically out of touch with how they feel. Consequently, there are those who appear toContinue reading “Emotionally Shutdown: Is Childhood Trauma The Reason Why Someone Is Emotionally Shutdown?”

Dual Diagnosis: Illness of the Mind or Disease of the Brain?

This year, within the U.S., about one out of five adults will come up against mental illness. Of the 20 million adults who have faced substance use disorder, more than half also experienced a co-occurring mental illness. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration, around 56% of men and women with dual diagnosisContinue reading “Dual Diagnosis: Illness of the Mind or Disease of the Brain?”

Is Vitamin B12 and Folate Good for Depression?

Did you know that one in 6 females will experience depression in their lifetime? Right now, one in 14 Australian females is suffering from depression. You may find this number shocking, but then again, maybe not? Perhaps you know someone with depression or are experiencing the symptoms yourself? People have described depression as ‘a thickContinue reading “Is Vitamin B12 and Folate Good for Depression?”

Plz Stay Away From Anxiety – Types, Causes, And Treatment

It is not necessary that everything goes according to you, sometimes you have to deal with compromise,but you can make even better your each an every moment We have all felt anxious at some time, whether we call it feeling uneasy, on edge or uptight. It is perfectly natural to feel anxious and, in fact,Continue reading “Plz Stay Away From Anxiety – Types, Causes, And Treatment”