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The Hidden Benefits of Tomatoes

Question:Why do you eat tomatoes? Answer:Because it makes my soup look mild and taste great. That is the reply most women we ask the above question gave until we let them see more valid reasons why they should eat tomatoes. They have been eating tomatoes simply because they were brought up to do so. AreContinue reading “The Hidden Benefits of Tomatoes”

Possible And Proven Benefits Of Cashew Nuts

Don’t you just love the crunchy and scrumptious taste of cashew nuts? For sure you do – right? Do you know their daily consumption can heal a number of health problems? Yes, you heard that right; cashew nuts are loaded with antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and other nutrients that are essential for the smooth functioning ofContinue reading “Possible And Proven Benefits Of Cashew Nuts”

Eating Your Curds And Whey

Nursery rhymes are frequently hundreds of years old and their meanings are not clear but simply repeated or sung by young children. In the case of “Little Miss Muffet” she is eating a centuries old version of traditional curds and whey, which is your basic cottage cheese, probably the food that this rhyme depicts. CottageContinue reading “Eating Your Curds And Whey”

Exercises and Workouts – Three Workout Errors You Do Not Want To Be Making

When you hit the gym, do you feel confident you are doing everything you can to see the best results? Do you feel like you are in there with the knowledge and know-how to create a workout you feel great about? If you have any doubts, these tips are for you. It is essential youContinue reading “Exercises and Workouts – Three Workout Errors You Do Not Want To Be Making”

Top Ten Teaching Tips For New Yoga Teachers

Learning Yoga is one of the most crucial decisions you can make in life. Yoga is a great healing as well as spiritual practice that, not only makes you physically fit, but also mentally and emotionally healthy. Yoga is a Sanskrit word that means ‘union’. Yoga essentially means the union of body, mind and spirit.Continue reading “Top Ten Teaching Tips For New Yoga Teachers”

Unconditional love of Mother,A Heart Touching Story.

There was a small village.Very few people lived in that village.There was a special thing about that village, that people lived together with brotherhood.There lived a family in that village, where there was a mother and her son. The woman lost her husband 10 years ago when her son was only 5 years old TheContinue reading “Unconditional love of Mother,A Heart Touching Story.”

The Benefits Associated With Eating Eggshells

We all understand how important it is to get the appropriate daily nutrient requirements. While some people do not have any hard time getting all they need daily, some struggle with the same. Sometimes this is because of very restrictive diets, a low food intake, or at times, shortage of food. Calcium is one ofContinue reading “The Benefits Associated With Eating Eggshells”

Healthy Lifestyle and Weight Loss

Setting a goal to lose weight has its drawbacks. It is hard to measure unless of course you set a goal to lose xxx amount of kilos in xxx number of weeks or months.The problem with a goal such as this is that it lacks definitive action.It is easier to set a healthy living goal.ThenContinue reading “Healthy Lifestyle and Weight Loss”

The True Church Speaks the Truth

God intended for His church to be salt and light in every nation where it found itself. Never was it promised that all men in a nation would turn to Christ, but the church living out the life of Christ would so permeate the culture with its ways that a certain level of morality andContinue reading “The True Church Speaks the Truth”

CBSE की परीक्षाओं में लड़कियों ने मचाई धूम

CBSE Class 12 Result 2021 Declared: केंद्रीय माध्यमिक शिक्षा बोर्ड ने शुक्रवार को सीबीएसई कक्षा 12वीं का रिजल्ट 2021 घोषित कर चुका है. और इस वर्ष सीबीएसई की 12वीं का रिजल्ट 99.37 फीसदी रहा है. इस वर्ष 99.37 फीसदी स्टूडेंट्स पास हुए हैं. लड़कियों ने लड़कों से अच्छा प्रदर्शन किया है. लड़कियों का रिजल्ट 99.67 फीसदी,Continue reading “CBSE की परीक्षाओं में लड़कियों ने मचाई धूम”